How Our WordPress Website Solution Works

Our goal is to get your WordPress website to you as quickly as possible, without skimping on quality and completing the important aspects needed for a successful online presence.

7 Steps To A Successful Website Presence






12 Months



Discuss And Assess Project Needs

The first step is to connect and discuss via telephone, Skype or email what your current needs are. We ask relevant questions and share our insights to help us understand how you would like to be portrayed online.

Gathering The Website Content Needed

After discovering your requirements for your  website, the next step is to agree on what content is need for the pages of your website. We need to gather all forms of content like images, video, audio, pdf documents, written text, etc...

Sharing And Storing Online

We find that storing  and editing content in a central place helps the flow of the project. We use Google doc's to share content in text format, which allows both parties to edit the same document and Google Drive or Dropbox to share larger forms of content like, images, video or pdf documents.


Constructing A  User Friendly  Website

Once we have all the content for your WordPress website, we can analyze it and start to put together a structure that would best appeal to your potential customers. Easy of navigation and getting from the home page to take action is the goal.

Guiding Visitors Down The Funnel

The goal is to structure content that grabs the consumers attention, keeps their interest by educating them, motivates them to want to do something about it and finally drives them to take action. This is how we guide them from the top to the bottom of page and keep them on your website.

Designing With Mobile In Mind

Of course when putting the content structure we take into consideration how it will look on all devices like desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. As your consumers access your website form multiple screens sizes and browsers.


Creating The First Design Draft

Once the planning phase is complete it is time to show the fruits of it by creating a mock of the design based on our planning. Depending on the project we may create a mock of the home page and products or services page. This gives you a visual idea of what the website will look like.

Listening To Your Feedback

We then submit the designs to you and discuss the layout that we have come up for you to best represent your business. At this point we listen to your feedback whether it be regarding design, tone or layout.

Making Changes And Tweaks

Of course based on your feedback we can now make the necessary adjustments, so you have happy early in the project with the look and feel of the website. This ensures that there is no surprises at the end of the project.


Finalizing The Design

We then go through the rest of project and finish all the sign that needs to be completed. We prepare images for the web and prepare and export the rest of the design to be integrated web format.

Design To WordPress

Once the design is complete, we then convert  and create a WordPress theme and framework. We take care to ensure the website looks like the design and meets all the required standards agreed on. The coding part takes the most time, but ensure it is done right.

On Page SEO

While completing each page of the website, ensure each page is optimized for the web. We take special care to optimize title tags, meta data, keywords, page titles, headers, images and keyword  density in all the pages of your WordPress website.


Preview The Website

Now that the design and coding is complete, we know you are anxious to see the end result. We upload your completed website on our server so you can preview the completed product, test it and review what has been done.

Listening To Your Feedback

Naturally there maybe a few things that need tweak before your WordPress website goes live. Grammar, layout, navigation, links and screen size testing is important. We listen to your feedback and make a list of the final changes.

Make Final Changes 

Then we make the final changes as you have requested on the website and make preparations to launch. Only when you are happy 100% we make the website live. We also ensure Google analytics is installed so we can start tracking results immediately for you.

12 Months

 Going Live

Now that the website is live, you will want to brag about it and promote it to current colleagues, existing customers and new ones as well. Of course while  your brand new website is up and running, you will get feedback and perhaps have some new ideas for improving the website. Which is why maintenance is crucial.

Maintaining Your WordPress Website

We want to be there every step of your journey, to make sure that your online presence is a success. So as changes come through we will update your website timeously and perhaps give advice when necessary to improve the website. All small changes and tweaks are cover in the  12 month period.

Providing WordPress Support

WordPress is a wonderful platform, however it require constant updating of plugins, themes, security and backups. We have you covered as this is done for you automatically.


 Downgrade To Standard Hosting

Once your 12 months are up is done, we downgrade your monthly fee now that the website is paid off. You still get to enjoy the benefits of our support and and care on a month to month basis.

Providing Continued Support

We will continue to manage the website for you, making small changes as requested as part of your monthly fee. We can also extend and expand your website as your business grows and more content is needed.

Review And Suggest 

Furthermore we know the web is always evolving and growing. We alert you of these changes and make suggestions to tweak the website form time to time.  We will also make suggestions in content additions and  social media changes to help you keep current with the times.

How Long Does It Take To Complete My Website ?

Every website is different, it depends how much big the project is and if you have all the content up front.

Below is a timeline guide based on the project size .

A Typical 3 - 5 Page Website Timeline

Day 1

Gather Content

Day 2


Day 3


Day 4

Review & Change

Day 5

Finish Design

Week End


Day 6

Code Website

Day 7

Code Website

Day 8


Day 9

Test & Change

Day 10


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