Terms And Conditions

Projects - Getting Started
  1. A project will only commence once initial registration and 1st months payment is made.
  2. The proposal for the service being rendered must be signed and email or faxed back to us.
Content - What is required
  1. All written content is to be supplied upfront from the client.
  2. Point one is not applicable if we have been contracted to write the content for the client.
  3. All images are to be supplied by the client.
  4. Content is to submitted in a ordered page by page format.
Hosting - How it works
  1. Hosting is included for the first 12 months.
  2. During the duration of the first 12 months the website must be hosted on our servers.
  3. After the 12 months have been completed and the website is fully paid for, a smaller normally hosting fee will be applicable.
  4. After the first 12 month,  the month to month hosting principle applies .
Payment - Your Commitment
  1. Accounts not settled by the 30th of the month will be suspended till payments are made, unless prior arrangements have been made with us.
  2. If payments are missed for two consecutive months we reserve the right to terminate your account completely.
  3. All payments must be met for the duration of 12 months as this not a month to month service, but a payment schedule of the full cost of your website on terms.
  4. We do not give refunds. Remember, we are putting hours in for a full website to be completed. The low cost month to month protects both parties. If you are unhappy you can walk away without having to have paid a large sum of money and we don't lose out either for the time we have put in.We always try our best to over deliver and be fair to our customers.